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Art Prints

Art prints are replicas of original art work, mainly of paintings made by a photomechanical processes. Unlike other techniques, art prints are capable of capturing the richness and vibrancy of original artwork particularly because they are made using special heavier print stock that is largely intended for prints. Art prints are in great demand lately as they are looked upon as collectibles and are sought after. Since art prints have revolutionized the art world by making sure that photographers are capable of creating pieces that are no less than art, they are valued accordingly. Unlike conventional photographic prints, which are printed on photosensitive paper, art prints are produced on non-photosensitive papers by inkjet prints.

The special process is known giclйe printing involving the spraying of inks onto paper. Since giclйe mechanized process and no mechanical devices are involved, the print quality shows a continuous rendering of toned image, pretty similar in appearance to the original painting in color and tone. Moreover, there is no limitation for the variety of paper to be used for giclйe art prints. So also, art prints can be had in different sizes with each being designed to accurately fit readily available standard frames. Many galleries sell art prints packaged in acid free crystal clear sleeves for protection with acid free, totally recycled, backing board. Even the first look of an art print is enough to make them the perfect gift for any occasion. Art Prints are generally sold without frames so that you have it designed to suit the decor of your drawing room.

How To Buy Art Prints
Art prints are relatively inexpensive and for as much or little as $1,000 for a popular piece. At such low cost, you can afford to change your art displays as often as the mood suits you. You need to consider a few points when you are ready to purchase art prints. 1. Browse for art prints at museums, gift shops or online gift stores. Gift shops at museums sell reproductions of most of their collections in various sizes ranging from post cards to life sizes. 2. Searching for art print posters online has its own advantages; you can save time by browsing quickly and the trick to do it is to search by artist if you are aware or go by the category you are interested in. 3. You should have a fair idea of where you are going to display your purchase. If budget is not your concern, give a thought to the available space there and the actual size of posters/art prints and their aesthetics so as to have an idea whether your choice gels there, as you would like them to. 4. Art prints are mostly numbered and limited editions and are often expensive.

You may want to look for larger editions by the same artist. Although these aren't numbered, they are likely to by signed by the artist and come with certificates of authenticity. 5. You may also want to gather opinion on your choice from your friends or peers. 6. You will do good to check the sellers' return or warranty policy, ahead of making the payment. 7. Check whether the website, that is if you are buying from an online art prints shop, provides a secure payment environment before you type in your credit card number.

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